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Lead Call Blast

Interested in being included in the list of agents getting possible leads from calls to the office?

Qualified Agents that agree to participate in the call blast program will have their
EXIT Landmark extension added to a call group.  When leads are received by the
office/Front Desk, the call is transferred to the call group which simultaneous rings all
participants’ phones/extensions.  The first person to answer the call wins the lead and is
responsible for working the lead regardless of lead type (Lease, Listing or Buying).* 

* If you win the lead and refuse or do not work the lead, you will be removed from the program.

Are you a Qualified Agent?

1. Complete ALL steps found on the New Agent Tab.


2. Create a Free Agent profile on Zillow &

3. Have CHIME or an approved CRM platform

4. Have a Buyer/Seller Presentation completed (Must email presentation to front desk prior to acceptance into this program)


5. Regularly attending office meetings

6. Attend a one on one with Broker

Click Your Office to Sign up
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