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Tips on Picking a Real Estate Website Name
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Tips on Picking a Real Estate Website Name
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Laura Monroe - Maximizing Your Social Media Efforts
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The Best Social Media Channels for Real Estate
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Why Social Media is Important for Real Estate
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Creating a Facebook Business Page
Social media is the new frontier of marketing, and setting up a Facebook business page is the first step to gaining traction in that realm. With our step-by-step video, you can learn everything you need to know to establish yourself online. Don’t sweat all the technical details. We have easy and clear explanations for the whole process — all under 3 minutes!

So, I Got a Bad Comment. How Do I Respond?

Online reviews are becoming more important by the day, especially in the real estate industry. With the ability to write commentary, sometimes you’re going to get a bad comment. It’s inevitable, and it’s going to hurt. But don’t take it to heart. This is the perfect time to show your true colors and be of service. To learn how to handle any negativity posted online, watch our video for helpful tips.
What Should I Share on Social Media?
 Don’t make the common mistake of sharing all your listings on Facebook and Pinterest. Think of social as a place to have a conversation. No one likes talking (or in this case, seeing) about one subject … on and on. Diversify what you share and talk about. Create real conversations, so those people actually pick up the phone and call you for advice. And don’t worry about having to figure out what to do. We’ve got you covered in today’s video.
Why Should I Promote my Brand on Social Media?
People spend on average 40 minutes a day browsing Facebook. Their time is even more broken up by other social media platforms. This is valuable real estate where you could be showcasing your brand. Don’t miss out on the potential engagement you can receive from local homebuyers and sellers. Get the facts on why you should promote you brand on social media today!
Which Social Channels are Best for My Real Estate Brand?
 There are dozens of social media platforms, each vying for everyone’s attention — but it doesn’t mean they’re all equal. Some perform better than others. In this video, you’ll learn which social media platforms to invest your time in and which ones you can put on the back-burner
Laura Monroe - Maximizing Your Social Media Efforts | Real Estate Insights
 Laura Monroe shares what she's learned at Inman for getting the most out of your social media efforts. Hint: it's more than just tweeting about new listings.
How to Choose a Website Domain
Are you stumped as to what your domain name should be? Don’t be! Don’t over-complicate things. Be you. This video will walk you through the important things to consider and help you feel more confident when choosing a domain name. If you need extra help, we have downloadable checklist you can use for guidance.
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