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General Office Info

Telephone System:

The telephone system we use is called Ring Central.  All calls go through this portal.  You will receive an extension and a log-in to: so you can customize all your settings.  You can control almost every aspect of how calls and messages can be handled.

All FAXes are sent through your Ring Central Account.

Ring Central Support: 888-898-4591


How to Send a Fax?




B&W copies are no charge and color copies are $.25/copy.  You are required to use a copy code for all functions on the copier.  The scanner will scan documents to your personal email on file or email that you choose.


Bull Pen computers are available throughout the office for use by all agents.  Priority use of the computers is for EXIT Landmark Realty business.  

White Plains WIFI: 

EXITLANDMARK     Password: 3019342022


Clinton WIFI:         

EXITLANDMARK     Password: 3018680500


Lorton WIFI:           

EXITLANDMARK     Password: 7033397506

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