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PrimeStreet Leads

Interested in being included in the list of agents getting leads from the PrimeStreet referral program specifically for EXIT Landmark Realty?

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What is PrimeStreet?

PrimeStreet serves real estate brokers at no upfront cost by matching transaction-ready consumers to their best real estate agent. Through our proprietary matching algorithm and state-of-the-art mobile app, we’re able to instantly connect top agents to the consumers with the highest probability to convert. Simply put, we’re focused on the data science behind matching transaction-ready consumers with agents, allowing brokers to focus on running their business.

Agent understands and agrees that Brokerage will pay PrimeStreet 35.00% (if closing price is over $150,000 and all leases) or 30.00% (if closing price is $150,000 or less) of the gross commissions for real estate brokerage services and real estate agency services (including any bonuses, but excluding any commissions for other real estate settlement services) received by Broker on the client side of any real estate transaction.


Qualified and approved EXIT Landmark Agents that agree to participate in the PrimeStreet program will have their information added to the office link for PrimeStreet.

Are you a Qualified PrimeStreet Agent with EXIT Landmark?

1. Complete ALL steps found on the New Agent Tab.


2. Create a Free Agent profile on Zillow &

3. Have Lofty or an approved CRM platform

4. Send your Mobile Business Card and Digital Buyer Presentation to the front desk using the EXIT Realty Connect app. 


5. Use the Quick Lead function in the EXIT Realty Connect app and send the buyer presentation to and 301-934-2022.


6. Regularly attending office meetings

7. Attend a one on one with your office manager

8. You must have completed seven (7) transactions in the last 12 months.

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