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Zillow Flex Leads

Interested in being included in the team of agents getting leads from Zillow Flex for EXIT Landmark Realty?


What is Zillow Flex?

Zillow Flex is a lead program where live leads are transferred directly to your phone. This program requires you to be available to answer the phone all day. The Zillow Flex team is best suited to full time agents. 

Agent understands and agrees that Brokerage will pay Zillow 25.00% - 35.00%  of the gross commissions for real estate brokerage services and real estate agency services (including any bonuses, but excluding any commissions for other real estate settlement services) received by Broker on the client side of any real estate transaction. 



Qualified and approved EXIT Landmark Agents that agree to participate in the Zillow Flex Team will have to agree to EXIT Landmarks Zillow Flex Team Agreement. 

Are you a Qualified Zillow Flex Team Agent with EXIT Landmark?

1. Complete ALL steps found on the New Agent Tab.


2. Create a Free Agent profile on Zillow 

3. Have Lofty or an approved CRM platform

4. Send your Mobile Business Card and Digital Buyer Presentation to the front desk using the EXIT Realty Connect app

5. Use the Quick Lead function in the EXIT Realty Connect app and send the buyer presentation to and 301-934-2022.

6. Complete mandatory Zillow Onboarding Steps


7. Attends mandatory Zillow Team Meetings


8. Completed a minimum of 3 closings within the last 12 months

8. Attend a one on one with a broker or manager

Qualified Agents Only, please fill out the form below
*filling this out does not guarantee you a spot on the Zillow Flex Team
Zillow Flex Team Application
I have completed the following mandatory trainings:

Thanks for submitting!

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